Astrology can be everywhere — just take a look at the social foodstuff or going out with app and you will probably see it has the more popular than ever. But what exactly is it, and how can you use that to look for love?

The answer to both is based on natal charts, which are maps based on the time and place of your entry into the world. They show the positions of the exoplanets and their connections to each other, providing a powerful feeling of what you’re designed to do in this life. It has the complicated and layered, it will be hard to know on your own, so many people consult with professional astrologers for help.

Depending on your natal chart, you can even know the sign that was growing on the east distance when you were born (your ascendant), which can be important because it shows you how you present yourself to the world. A lot of astrologers utilize the moon’s job and color, as well as the north and south nodes of the globe and the asteroid Chiron.

But for individuals who don’t have a natal graph, or simply want to take things one step further, now there will be apps just like Starcrossed and Struck apply astrology to accommodate you up. Using these types of apps, which usually go beyond sunshine sign complementing by looking in the moon’s positioning, your influence, the north and south nodes, and chiron can help you discover why you might get along with someone or perhaps not.

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