Short-term Resident Visa (Restrict period of one year)

A short-term Resident Visa required for all foreign nationals travelling so you’re able to Chile trying out of home according to family relations ties that have Chilean nationals, financial support inside the Chile or whose house is noticed helpful otherwise advantageous on nation.

After you’ve established an account, you need to complete the Visa Application given on the internet (Sign in consult / Form of software / Visa)

This type of charge lets the new proprietor to be hired, research and/or carry out businesses, to possess a max period of one year. The parents, spouse or pupils of the individual applying for a short-term Citizen may apply for a centered Short-term Resident Charge, which cannot allow them to works.

The partnership to your chief applicant need to be offered to your amazing relationships otherwise birth licenses (if they have been issued by a country not the same as Chile or the United kingdom they have to be apostilled/legalised from the issuing country and sometimes also commercially translated)

step three. Then you need certainly to check always and you may upload most of the requisite data files on the internet. Leer más