Malaai, is actually unwillingly developed so you’re able to marry Luang Wisarn exactly who very own Rom Ngiew home instead realizing that he’s gay

When another type of local rental family movements resulting in see an amnesiac wraith. Brand new conserve happened forty-two weeks just after passing. Let’s understand the completion to one another that he can be stay away from or perhaps not.

Today, he or she is simply trying to get because of the and you can move ahead of their last heartbreak in which his boyfriend reported to enjoy your but made a decision to cheat

Black and white was twins which have a powerful union. Just after their parents’ split up, in the event, White’s dad took him out of the nation, their family effortlessly cut in two. It’s just not up until fifteen years have introduced one White-now grown-efficiency so you can Thailand.

Someday, apparently from nowhere, White feels a suffering including passing. He recovers in the hospital, however, they’ve been not able to dictate the main cause. He then picks up a visit from a teens buddy, Tod. Tod tells your you to definitely Black colored is within an effective coma adopting the an excellent horrible assault and he finds out one to Black colored is during a motorbike gang. Struggling to survive new harm completed to his cousin in silence, and you will suspecting it had been certainly Black’s best friends-Sean, Gram, or Yok-who deceived him, White disguises himself given that Black colored so you’re able to resources from the traitor. Leer más